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Save, share and easily find all what you read, see, write, speak through c deepmemo in your Gmail inbox.

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How does Deepmemo


Deepmemo — is a simple tool for creating, storing, accessing and searching any notes in your Gmail mailbox or Google Docs. Simply save text notes, photo notes, video notes, record voice messages, create reminders, task lists.

Synchronization is not required with deepmemo as all information is stored in Gmail mailbox and copied to Google Docs. To view all notes one need to go to Gmail to Deepmemo folder or to Collections in Google Docs.

How to use deepmemo


Use deepmemo both for work and rest. Keep interesting sites in a browser using the toolbar. Keep interesting quotes and use them in presentations for work or entertainment. Capture business cards and manual records and get rid of large quantities of paper. Record to dictaphone meetings and any other activities, take photos of the graft plans and studies and it will be easier to find and use them then. Keep the ideas on the go. Capture information about discounts, special offers and products to make purchases with the maximum benefit. Keep the accounts, receipts, tickets and contracts - put your finances in order

For students

Are you constantly asked to copy your lecture notes? But you are just too lazy to write it down? - Create an audio note and record the lecture, share with your friends by clicking "Share."

For travelers

Plan your journey. Make photos of interesting places and save its descriptions. Notes automatically are marked at your Google maps, you can always see where and what you found interesting.

For housewives

Keep the recipes found on the web, create your shopping list. Keep records of home accounting, make photos of receipts and tickets.

For IT specialists

Work on the go with deepmemo, keep the ideas that have come up to you. Keep notes made ​​at the blackboard during the meeting. Make task lists to organize your work properly.

For managers

Create an audio note and record the meeting, a note will be automatically attached to your Google calendar. You will always know where the meeting was and what the topic of the meeting was.

For designers

Saw something interesting? Take a picture and save it in order to use in you work when it needed. Get a new idea? Draw a sketch on the go with a “Drawing” note..